Custom Name Badges

Custom Name Badges manufactured by Quick Badge & Sign Inc. We do many styles of name badges. Photo ID Badges, Metal Name Badges, Plastic Name Badges, Visitor Badges and simple blank Name Badges. Setting up your design is very easy.

  1. Upload your logo on our website.
  2. Give us a rough idea what style you are looking for.
  3. Our designers will Email you a clear Mockup photo of your badge.
  4. After your approval we go right into production!!


Custom name badges
Custom name badges

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Portland Badges

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Portland Name Badges

We are proud to manufacture name badges for Portland Parks and Recreation. Portland Oregon is a special place and we have several beautiful parks in our city. Quick Badge & Sign is located on Portland’s East side off of I-84, but we ship most of our products directly to your location.


Portland Meadows Badges

Portland Meadows Badges

Being primarily a National Company, we get especially excited when a new local business calls. Portland Meadows has been a mainstay in the Portland area for years! So we would like to send a very special welcome!! We certainly appreciate all of our customers. Choose Portland Meadows for Horse Racing, concerts and large events.

Portland Meadows Name Badges