Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum name badges. We would like to thank Portland Art Museum for their name badges business!! At name-badges.com we find if extra special when called upon by local entities. May we mention they are an absolutely phenomenal museum to visit while in the Portland area!! Custom name badges and tags are what we do.

Portland name badges

Portland Name Badges

Portland Meadows Badges

Portland Meadows Badges

Being primarily a National Company, we get especially excited when a new local business calls. Portland Meadows has been a mainstay in the Portland area for years! So we would like to send a very special welcome!! We certainly appreciate all of our customers. Choose Portland Meadows for Horse Racing, concerts and large events.

Portland Meadows Name Badges


Name Tag Design Tool

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Name Tag Design Tool. Select your badge size and color. Upload your logo and design away !! We have a design tool that shows your actual badge, not cartoon images. Check it out, we have had very positive feedback since its release. click here to try it out:  Name Tag design tool




name tag design tool
name tag design tool
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