ID Badges

Looking for ID badges ? Check out our Photo ID badge templates. Any design is possible, these templates may help you get inspired for a custom design of your own. Inc. has been manufacturing photo id badges since 1993. Give us a call, we can help get you started.

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Photo ID Badges
Photo ID Badges


Visitor Badges

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Visitor Badges of all types

Visitor badges are a friendly and safe way of identifying your guests. When visiting a secure area such as schools or labs visitors prefer to wear identification, this ensures that what could look like a wandering stranger is really an invited guest. All of our badges at Inc. are custom made according to desired colors, Logo’s, Club Seals, School Mascot and text color. Often times visitor badges work well with lanyards. Our company stocks lanyards in all primary colors add Black, White, Pink and Gold. Smaller clear strap clip’s come included with all ID style badges.For entities that require double side printing, we can certainly add text to the backside of your design as needed. There is a small added charge to do so. As with all of our custom badges you can use any other badge fasteners as well Our magnetic holders remain our top seller. One other very popular way to design your visitor badge is to leave space for P-touch name tape. This give you the ability to add and remove name if desired. Inc. also stocks P-touch label systemsalong with clear/black name tape. Regardless as to which style badge works best for you, we invite you to look around afterall Badges is what we have been doing since 1993.