School Badges

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School Badges are needed.

School Badges and Name Badges in general are used everywhere. From security guards to doctors to students and sales person, the use of such espouses the idea of welcoming someone to call them by their name. It is also widely used in seminars, sales forum, auto shows and other marketing and sales initiatives. Formal schools and colleges are leading users of these Name Badges. Apart from adding charm to uniforms, they are way much better looking than ID cards hanging freely on clothing as if inviting someone to strangle them with it. However, instead of the usual pin-encrusted nameplates, the use of magnetic varieties is creatively being utilized these days. If you are planning of holding an event soon, you might be thinking of where to find these practical ones.

Magnetic Name Badges are quite the hype in most institutions and establishments due to the practicality they bring. They are way easier to put on and require no arduous pin sticking that inadvertently put holes to clothing and uniforms. Rather than damaging the fabric, these can be securely fastened to lapels or the breast pockets. The actual nameplates are used of durable synthetic materials which can be customized according to your specifications. Logos, designs, size and cornering can be easily personalized according to your needs and requirements. And instead of braving traffic to actually find one in malls, it can be easily ordered online. Convenient and affordable, you are also free to customize your own nameplate with auto wizards provided on some websites. If you want, there are also craft magnets that can be used for lockers and refrigerators.

School badges of all types are a large percentage of our products base. We welcome your ideas and offer to help get you started.