Why Name Badges ?

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name badges
name badges

Why use name badges ?


Name Badges provide a number of overlooked uses.


Logo’s impact your Corporate Identity

Name badges contribute to “Image is everything” when it comes to building your Corporate brand. Customers often relate a brand with consistent business practices, often time this means a

positive experience. Often times at a Corporate event people may distinguish who you represent.


Conversations and name recognition

Customers prefer a name to start up a discussion while in view of employees. It can be quite embarrassing asking another shopper for help when employee identity is missing. A name badge

offer a higher level of accountability when worn by employees. Knowing even a simple name may lead to a note of praise for your star associates. If your company standards are not being met,

you have a name to distinguish possible training and/or corrective action.


Security Measures

Name badges offer another level of security for a business. Often times service industries send technicians to a residence. Customers may decide to not answer the door without a

distinguishing measure of identification. Photo identification along with a company logo may be a great choice. In many establishments access cards are required to simply enter a building.


Large workplaces

Company name badges can be a great idea for larger workplaces. Newer employees feel less awkward when seeing a name rather than trying to remember so many people in a short time

frame. In many environments it is equally comforting for current employees to see who the new associate is.

Employee recognition

When your employees have a higher level of responsibility a name badge offering a title or department can make them feel appreciated and special. Often times our most reliable star

employees are without needed public recognition. Employees can be very happy to show off a corporate brand when wearing your trademark.